The honest, dishonest seller

It’s true, after pinching pennies and stretching them as far as the bank will let you, forking over another $300-$600 can be gut-wrenching. And for what? For some guy to come through and tell you everything you already knew was broken needs to be fixed? Besides, the owner of the house seems like an honest dude, and I trust him when he says there’s nothing wrong with the house. Have a little faith in humanity.

Well, you may be right.

But… You also may be wrong.

That’s just it; it’s a gamble. To be honest, it has nothing to do with the integrity of the seller, and everything to do with the facts. It may be very likely that the guy is being forthright and honest with you, but he can’t tell you what he does not know

When living in a home, you tend to overlook issues as you get used to them, or simply forget about them. This is normal, and not to be confused with a seller seemingly hiding problems with their home, just to get it sold. While there is definitely a fair share of dishonest sellers, I’d like to think that most are not trying to be.

This is why home inspectors are key in making sure all cards are on the table. I mean, after all, this is likely one of the largest single purchases you’ve ever made, and possibly will ever make.

As residents of Boise, Idaho, and the Treasure Valley, we live in a very low crime rate area, with honest, trustworthy people on every side of us. Sure, there’s always that one neighbor, but in general, we are blessed to live in such a great community! However, simply basing your decision on the trustworthiness of the seller can be a HUGE mistake.

I don’t go to a plumber for electrical answers, and similarly, I don’t go to an airline pilot (or whatever career the owner is in) for questions about their home. It’s simply a matter of expertise, not honesty. Though it definitely helps to have an honest seller!

If you’re in need of a home inspection, Home Inspection ID would be happy to assist you in scheduling yours either by phone (208-570-7685), or by simply scheduling your appointment online here.

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