As a courtesy to our clients, we are in the process of creating a list of contractors we know and trust. We understand there is a sea of options out there, and we hope this will help weed through some of them!

Heating Equipment CompanyThe head guy, Stanley, was willing to sit down with me after closing for over an hour just to talk about things I could do as a home inspector to better verify that equipment is working properly. Great guy, and I’m sure, more than willing to spend time discussing your needs!

Mr. Mudd– I had the pleasure of overseeing a large driveway pouring job for a client, and these were the guys we hired to do the job. These guys proved to be professional, fast, and honest. The finish product was perfect, with no cracks as of yet.

Please understand that we are NOT responsible for, nor act on behalf of any contractors listed, and therefor cannot be held liable for any damage/damages caused by any listed contractor/company.